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Can Company has been handed down from generation to generation for over 50 years.

Can Company is both innovation and tradition at the same time. It is the epitome of fusion between every day things and the application of techniques, raw materials, tools… and avant-garde, innovative and ideas often with an element of risk.

Only Can Company dares to create incredible combinations of ingredients with a view to taking simple cold cuts of meat to great heights, converting them into to dishes capable of wowing even the most demanding palates: a blend of sobrassada (Mallorcan sausage) and blue cheese, red and black fuet or Catalan sausage stuffed with Mahon cheese.

Can Company is going places, but always remains true to its origins, as a company born more than 50 years ago on the island of Mallorca. Created by farming families who owned numerous hectares of land on which they farmed cereals and legumes that were then sold door-to-door in local towns.

Over time, the business grew as a result of relentless hard work and dedication, and eventually merged with another local family who owned considerable land: Sant Joan and Santa María de la Salut, joining forces in a relationship that is still going strong to this day.

More recently, in 1992, the company grew to take over the management of the María de la Salut flour factory. Since then, they have added the production of cereals and animal feed to the list of services they provide. They currently produce an average of 12,000 tonnes each year.

Subsequently, the decision was made to begin rearing animals; the natural choice to take full advantage of the local land and crops, with particular focus on native Mallorcan animals, such as the black pig.

Today, Can Company produces cereals and legumes, rears Mallorcan animals has created their own line of charcuisine meats, aimed at the real connoisseur.


Can Company creates outstanding products of the utmost quality, thanks to the raw materials created by the family: a wide selection of cereals, legumes, horticultural products and dried fruits. We are the largest breeders of autochthonous cattle, especially the Mallorcan black pig.

Can Company offers products based on both traditional family recipes and more daring and creative ones for those looking for new taste sensations. With the help of our master butcher Xesc Reina, we also offer new flavours and concepts which are revolutionising the world of specialist butchery.


In our passion for innovation, we have created a new concept of charcuterie: charcuisine.

Charcuisine has revolutionised the presentation of cold meats, their taste and the raw materials used…

This is the art of innovation within Mediterranean charcuterie, always adapting to new flavours and concepts in an increasingly avant-garde culinary style.

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