The Sobrasadería – Can Company Mallorca

The Sobrasadería

The Sobrasadería

Discover our sobrassadas (Mallorcan sausage) and the rest of our products.

At Can Company’s sobrasadería you can enjoy our traditional black pork and a wide range of other varieties, sure to leave no one indifferent. Here you can find sobrasada with blue cheese, Mahon cheese, curry and even chocolate.

A new concept created for those ready to enjoy a traditional product with a new explosive twist.

Xesc Reina, Master Butcher

Expert in converting our raw produce into exquisite dishes

Xesc Reina, renowned master butcher who has edited several books and teaches at the School of Charcuterie in Barcelona, now forms a vital part of this pioneering company.

His passion for meat, delicatessen and his willingness to innovate are two of the reasons we are able to constantly improve and grow.

Thoroughbred Black Pork

Our pigs are fed the best quality feed and are 100% free-range

The Mallorcan black pig is one of the native animals of the Balearic Islands that has remained in constant exploitation until the present day. It is a breed of pig with very particular characteristics that set it apart from pigs from other regions. In fact, this pig has its very own family tree.

At Can Company we breed our own black pigs on Mallorcan farms, with traditional farming methods and have become the main producers of local Balearic Island breeds.

Our pigs are fed using seasonally-adapted grass, including extra cereal-based ingredients such as barley, legume seeds such as field beans and peas, figs, almonds, truffles, prickly pears, carob beans, mastic, wild olives and grass from pastures.

They are dark in colour, recognisable because of their black, short and fine hair in varying quantities. They also have short, wide and muscly necks with large “teats” on the back, whilst their extremities are particularly short and thin.

Undoubtedly their most defining characteristic is their incredible flavour, smooth, pleasant and authentic. A black pig produces a tender meat with far less fat content than other breeds of pig, making it the perfect meat for a healthy diet.

Charcuisine, a new tradition

When cold meats become enjoyable foods.

Charcuisine is a movement that has shed new light on delicatessen meats and their presentation. This trend aims to recover traditional products and formulas that have fallen into disuse, such as the all but forgotten Mediterranean figatella, creating new and surprising recipes with them.

This is the step that bridges the traditional product, created for long-term home storage and an active and contemporary one, adapted to the needs and tastes of the current market: a product prepared to create an organoleptic experience. It is in essence, a new way of understanding, enjoying and presenting cold meats.

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