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In Mallorca, we may think differently about many aspects of life, but one thing is clear for us: we like ensaimada in all possible variations. Whether plain or filled, with chocolate or sobrassada, with candied fruit or filled with cocoa cream.  We like it for breakfast, in the afternoon with coffee, as a dessert and, why not, to strengthen our bodies on New Year's morning.

In Mallorca, ensaimada is more of a religion than a food. We don't want to pigeonhole it, because we always like it, sweet or savoury, alone or with other things.

Xesc Reina, master of charcuterie at Can Company, always likes to try something new and goes one step further. He shows us how a good ensaimada can become the best bread roll in the world.

A simple, timeless recipe for everyone (yes, yes, even if you've never held a frying pan in your life).

An ensaimada cut in half and stuffed with figatella from Can Company. Figatella is a traditional Mallorcan sausage made from pork liver, but the new version has more lean meat, less fat, lots of spices and a variety of Mallorcan herbs.

A traditional Mallorcan sausage that, when paired with a good ensaimada, will please even the boldest palate.

Would you like to try it at home? We're sure you'll want more:

- Open the ensaimada in the middle as if you were preparing a roll.

- Fill with sliced figatella, lettuce and a generous portion of orange marmalade.

- Cover and sprinkle with a little sugar. In this way, the burnt sugar stays crispy and, together with the lard of the einsaimada, you get two very interesting textures: the smoothness of the lard and the crunchiness of the sugar.

- Place in the sandwich toaster for one minute (or as long as you like). Once removed, sprinkle a little more sugar on top to add colour to the ensaimada. 

- Round off the dish with a bunch of fennel to give it a final Mallorcan touch.

The best thing about this dish is its versatility. Instead of figatella, you can use sobrassada or botifarra sausage. You can also replace ensaimada with coca de patata or toast. The important thing is to let our imagination run wild and have fun playing with good products.

Are you ready for this?


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