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Sobrasadería - Mahón cheese

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Here innovation also plays an important role. This sausage, made from high quality meat, matures and dries at the same time as a raw milk cheese from Mahón (Menorca), which is also produced in dairies with over 100 years of tradition and history. This fusion and the gentle drying lead to a taste explosion. You just have to try this sobrasada.

This meat product with a drying time of two to four months develops and matures at the same time as the delicious Mahón cheese with which it is combined. The nuances of the dairy product and the meat of the black pig mix together and create a new, subtle, but intense and persistent flavour.


Lean pork, pork bacon (antioxidants E-320, E-321), Mahón cheese (raw cow's milk, rennet, salt and lactic ferments), paprika Tap De Cortí, salt and spices.


Natural casing


In a dryer at a temperature between 12-16oC. Controlled humidity between 75% and 85%.


Product information label.


About 325 - 375 grams.


Store in a cool and dry place.


Delivery note.


Refrigerated vehicle.


Product ready to eat without the need for any additional cooking process.

Energetic value





Grasas Saturadas


504 kcal 12g 6,6g 0,5g 48g 24g 2,1g

Shape: Irregularly cylindrical, determined by the morphology of the intestine.

Appearance: The surface of the sausage is orange-red due to the colour of the Tap de Cortí paprika. Smooth or slightly rough, without whitish mould.

Texture: Soft, inelastic, sticky, robust, cohesive, oily, not very fibrous and with a red appearance due to the Tap de Cortí paprika, with pieces of Mahón cheese.

Flavour and aroma: Characteristic with a clear perception of the presence of the Tap de Cortí paprika. The first flavour you taste is sobrasada, followed by the sublime flavour of Mahón cheese.

The process

How do we produce our meat?

We sow our grain

We take care of our grain in our own fields

Traditional cultivation

We work the field like our ancestors did to make sure the grain grows properly

We process the grain

And we turn it into natural food that we can feed our animals with

Free range animals

We feed our animals with our own food and let them grow freely

We process the meat

Immediately after slaughtering, we process the meat to make our products

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