Charcuisine, or how to break the rules

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Because this movement is one of our driving forces, and integrates us in an innovative and ground-breaking current.

The Charcuisine is the reason why we focus on the taste of our sausages, but also on their quality and on the fact that we use the best meat and reduce, even practically eliminate, the amount of fat contained. For this reason we have looked for sausages that have been lost in time, we have traced them and recovered the ancient recipes. We have adapted them to our times and turned them into delicacies.

Thanks to the Charcuisine, the concept of the delicatessen has changed completely. Although the sausages were originally intended to preserve all the meat produced in the slaughterhouses and to store them in the pantries, we believe that this attitude has become outdated and a new view has arrived: the pleasure of eating.

Charcuisine means moving from a passive product to an active, contemporary, avant-garde product. A product designed to offer an organoleptic experience that you will feel. It means understanding, enjoying and presenting charcuterie in a different and special way. It is enough to taste a Can Company sausage to understand the concept.


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