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Christmas is the time when the most famous traditions are put into practice, or at least some of the most endearing ones. Here in Mallorca, it is customary to put up the nativity scene, drink hot chocolate with the family, decorate the tree, walk under the lights in the towns and villages, feast, get together, eat the famous "stuffed soup" and, of course, gather everyone around a table and enjoy our suckling pig (porcella in Catalan).

In Mallorca, suckling pig is much more than a recipe or a Christmas dish. It is almost a ceremony. It connects rituals and family, roots and community. It means keeping alive a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation.

These days you read in the news about a considerable price increase for the star product of the Christmas season. High prices that not everyone can afford. However, knowing that we are in turbulent times, we at Can Company want our suckling pig from the Mallorcan black pig (porc negre in Catalan) to reach every household. For this reason, we have decided not to increase the price of our suckling pig over the Christmas period. We maintain the price and quality so that our piglets, raised in freedom on our farms and fed with our own grain, can be found in all Mallorcan households to celebrate Christmas as it deserves.

We believe in local and quality produce, we believe in the need to support small producers who work all year round to add value to the islands' produce and, of course, we believe in a product that is affordable for most families. 

If you want to start cooking this year as well as eating, you'll find a recipe in every Can Company delivery, and in a video blog we show you how one of the country's best chefs, Koldo Royo, prepares Can Company suckling pig.

This Christmas, enjoy eating and cooking with your loved ones like never before.



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